ShowOff Stainless™


JUST WHAT IS ShowOff Stainless™?   ShowOff Stainless™ is polished , all stainless steel hose clamps, braid, hosends and muffler clamps that look like they are chrome plated.

WHY NOT CHROME PLATE HOSE CLAMPS?  A hose clamp is a moveable assembly that not only flexes but is subject to frictional forces of the worm gear.  Over time, chrome plating would have a tendency to chip, peel, crack, blister, flake and wear off.

WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT ALL STAINLESS?   ShowOff Stainless™ is not only all stainless, they are all 300 series stainless steel.  This offers the very best in corrosion resistance.

IS THE ShowOff Stainless™ FINISH DURABLE?   The ShowOff Stainless™ polished finish leaves the surface smooth and bright, and most important, there is no coating to chip, peel, crack, blister, flake and wear off.

WHAT IS  ShowOff Stainless™ BRAID?  ShowOff Stainless™ polished braid is a non-collapsible sleeve that slides easily over rubber hose.  It is best cut with a bench mounted throatless shear.  Sharp wire cutters, snipping a few strands at a time, may also be used

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