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Dress up that engine!!

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ShowOff Stainless™ is a unique product to "SHOWOFF" your engine.
Our products are all Polished Stainless Steel. 
Our HOSE CLAMPS, BRAID AND HOSENDS offer an "eye-catching" look to your engine.

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The finish on all ShowOff Stainless™ products will not fade or corrode.  

Our polished stainless BRAID is a non-collapsible sleeve that covers your rubber hose.
It will fit over your hose without a struggle because you buy the size you need.

Our stainless HOSENDS are truly unique.  The polished HOSEND is designed
with a recessed groove to hold the hose clamp, which is already installed.
Each has a lasered sunglasses logo so you know that you are
getting a genuine ShowOff Stainless product.

Our stainless HOSE CLAMPS are polished to a mirror finish.  They are sold in packs of two or ten.
A special twelve clamp set  is available, which fits most cars.

We also offer polished stainless shielded clamps for soft hoses, stainless micro clamps,
stainless wire clamps, and stainless tube clamps.

And don't forget, the finish on all ShowOff Stainless™ products is guaranteed.

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